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What is Learning TV?

On average, learners watch 34 hours of television per week. So we created our Television Series-Style™ training technique to capitalize on how learners live day to day. We use story, character and television production processes to create an original Learning TV Show™ for each business soft skills topic.

Primetime engagement, anyone?

With 50% of employees disengaged, a growing skills gap and employees feeling that 50% of their leaders are ineffective, you have some serious training to do. But effective training takes time. How do you engage and develop your teams in less time with higher impact, but less money? It’s not easy. Employees are people too. They have lives after work. And in those lives, they watch Hollywood produced television shows and movies. They play games, listen to music and socialize. That’s who they are. And the more we Learning & Development people take these life affirming activities into account, the more Learners will trust us and engage with our training. It’s simple.

But what isn’t simple is the instructional design and production process needed to create this type of training. You’re astute. You have the intellect and the desire to engage, but you don’t have the time or the money to create training that approaches the primetime content that currently engages your learners. We understand. We care. And we’d like to help you bring something new to learning.

Your Learning TV Show “Pilot”

Today’s learners are bombarded with a lot of information, so holding their attention involves both entertaining and challenging them in ways that are instantly and emotionally familiar, but different. That’s why the center piece of our concept is your award-winning “pilot” episode. Yes, it looks like TV, but it’s Learning TV, good people. Everybody’s talking about video; video this, video that. Why not rocket right past all the “video” talk and elevate to learning television! Each Learning TV Show is created with its own genre, compelling story and truly diverse cast of characters that your media savvy learners will relate to as the learning unfolds. Intriguing, yes?
Whatever the soft skills subject matter (Customer Service, Business Conduct & Ethics, Diversity, etc.) or television genre (drama, sitcom, reality show, talk show, etc.), your pilot commands undivided attention because of its Hollywood pacing and production value. For this type of engagement to work, the stories must be rich, the character development, top-notch; and the learning points must be subtly and strategically woven into the fabric of the storyline.

Blended Matrix™

Each Learning TV Show is built on our Blended Matrix™ instructional design concept. Blended Matrix™ was inspired by the principals of Learning Organizations, Crew Resource Management, High Reliability Organizations, and Performance Improvement. You’d expect nothing less from a “what box?” idea like Learning TV Shows. And the impact on thought and behavior can be deep and lasting when you support the concept with our prescribed addition of spaced repetition and learning reinforcement.

    The “video” part of our training business comes naturally because we already have an award-winning production company called Bright Tomorrow Productions.
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    We use our television and movie scriptwriting expertise to create groundbreaking video-based training products. Check out the Customer Service Intelligence® trailer.