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Better Responses through Blended Matrix™ and Association

Each Trainevision® course is an innovation through integration. Our design approach takes the training techniques of Crew Resource Management (CRM) originated at NASA’s Ames Research Center, the principles of Learning Organizations, the concepts of High Reliability Organizations (HROs) and combines them with Performance Improvement through reinforcement and incentives.

The Trainevision Learning TV™ concept is based on association and conditioned response. A Learning TV episode resembles an episode of primetime television, so the association with the Learner’s elective habit of tuning in to “must see TV” is powerful. That association triggers a conditioned “receptivity response” that paves the way for engagement, implicit learning, and retention.


Engage Learners with Story, Character and Production Value

Regardless of geography or demographics, a vast number of America’s employees watch nearly 1,900 hours of high quality television per year. Creative money says that video training needs to be artistically compelling in three ways; story, character, and production value.

Be it the intellectual drama of The Newsroom, the cozy humor of Modern Family, or the gritty mysteries of the CSI, franchise, Learners have been emotionally engaged in their favorite TV shows for years. Emotional engagement builds emotional loyalty; which in turn heightens our powers of observation, and recall. By delivering workplace instruction through engaging storylines, compelling characters, and Hollywood production values, Learning TV Show episodes set the stage for active learning environments.

    The “video” part of our training business comes naturally because we already have an award-winning production company called Bright Tomorrow Productions.
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    The Learning Show® is our internet talk show with host Leigh Gregory. Check out this episode with eLearning guru Elliott Masie. Elliott discusses things to come.
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    This is Leigh’s blog. He refused to simply call it, The Blog. He says it sounds too much like “The Blob,” a campy horror movie from back in the day.
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    We use our television and movie scriptwriting expertise to create groundbreaking video-based training products. Check out the Customer Service Intelligence® trailer.