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Television Series-Style



Big changes are in the L&D air. And they are coming whether we training professionals are prepared for them or not. Learners are voting with their hearts, and they saying “No” to the status quo of learning content. We saw it coming. That’s why we designed our first learning product in a way that Learners understand. We all know and love some type of television. More to the point, we all know and love the television series concept. We’re comfortable tuning in daily or weekly to share time with characters whose stories move, humor and teach us.

Learners are People

Our Television Series-Style design process takes the productive story and character elements of television and marshals them towards learning and development. Learners are people, first and foremost. And fifty percent of them are disengaged at work. Over fifty percent are unhappy in their jobs. And nearly fifty percent feel that their leaders are ineffective. We’d like to do something about that.

Our goal is to create learning that people love. And our biggest competition in the battle for the learners’ hearts and minds is the Hollywood entertainment machine; the storytellers, the movie makers, the game creators. So, we plan to create an original Learning TV series for each business soft skills topic. Sounds insane, but Learners are worth it. Besides, it all starts with the first episode, or the pilot. But what does this “pilot” look like and how can it be used for learning? Just click the video to your right to view a trailer of our flagship product, Customer Service Intelligence®, a drama created in the style of television’s investigative phenomena CSI and NCIS.

    The “video” part of our training business comes naturally because we already have an award-winning production company called Bright Tomorrow Productions.
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    The Learning Show® is our internet talk show with host Leigh Gregory. Check out this episode with eLearning guru Elliott Masie. Elliott discusses things to come.
  • BLOG
    This is Leigh’s blog. He refused to simply call it, The Blog. He says it sounds too much like “The Blob,” a campy horror movie from back in the day.
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    We use our television and movie scriptwriting expertise to create groundbreaking video-based training products. Check out the Customer Service Intelligence® trailer.