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Support Materials

Facilitating a course you didn’t design can be tough if you don’t have all the materials needed to have a smooth and stress free prep period. We’re facilitators ourselves so we know how hard it can be. Below are just a few of the materials you’ll find in your resources kit.

Leader’s Guide

Facilitating a live training event takes preparation. That’s why we’ve produced this beautiful 4-color 61 page Customer Service Intelligence Leader’s Guide (PDF). It contains everything you’ll need to conduct an engaging learning event; from detailed instruction on how to prepare, lead and facilitate; a slide by slide instruction plan; a wealth of activity aids; and much more. It’s also available in a digitally printed and bound format.

PowerPoint Deck

One of the toughest things about putting a course together is designing a cohesive course themed presentation deck that looks great and has the right amount of sizzle. Your Learning TV Show package includes a fully realized and editable 32-slide presentation with built-in animation. And yes, we think it’s got the right amount of sizzle.

Learner’s Workbook

Your Learners need materials that are easy to use and understand. Our beautiful 4-color 32 page Learner’s Workbooks (PDF) will provide them with visually appealing support material to record their notes as they follow the learning event activities. You may want them to keep it on hand for future learning reinforcement activities. This workbook is available in digitally printed spiral bound format.

Indie Study Workbook

You may find yourself in a situation where you’ve got to train, but you don’t have time, and you don’t have an LMS. Our beautiful 4-color 35 page Indie Study Workbooks provide your self-study learners with an easy to follow step-by-step roadmap through activities and exercises, and are used in conjunction with the DVD Classic or “Flipped Classroom” On Demand videos.

Wall Art

Your training session should be “must see” event. When you take the time to “set the stage,” it shows your team that their development means a lot to you. Our beautiful learning support Wall Art sends the right message and keeps the learning points top of mind during the event and throughout the entire year.

Memory Tiles

Learners need visual reminders after the event is over. Make sure you pass these babies out at some point during your session. We made them as beautiful as possible so Learners would want to hold onto them, and keep them nearby as “just-in-time” learning point reminders.

Certificates of Completion

Your Learners will be challenged during this course. And at the end, there’s nothing like that feeling of accomplishment. But it’s that much sweeter when you give them each a beautiful certificate that even they may deem worthy of the accomplishment.

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