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A truly diverse cast of characters with conflicting motives inhabits the world of Customer Service Intelligence. If you have time, click on the videos on the Characters page to learn more about Ben and the gang!

Dr. Ben Chase, Head of CSU

Specialty: Psychobiology
Special Skills: Demographic Buying Behaviors and Trends Analysis

Ben’s expertise focuses on distilling different types of evidence analysis into simple yet detailed customer behavior models based on demographic and current buying trends. Ben is also a soft spoken practical joker who loves documentaries and civil war re-enactment, and his favorite band is Steely Dan – go figure.

    The “video” part of our training business comes naturally because we already have an award-winning production company called Bright Tomorrow Productions.
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    The Learning Show® is our internet talk show with host Leigh Gregory. Check out this episode with eLearning guru Elliott Masie. Elliott discusses things to come.
  • BLOG
    This is Leigh’s blog. He refused to simply call it, The Blog. He says it sounds too much like “The Blob,” a campy horror movie from back in the day.
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    We use our television and movie scriptwriting expertise to create groundbreaking video-based training products. Check out the Customer Service Intelligence® trailer.