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Our Team

CEO, CCO, COO and Co-Founder

Leigh brings over 25 years of performance improvement and entertainment industry experience to Trainevision. He is the creator of the company’s innovative “Learning TV™” instructional design concept. He’s the instructional designer, course author, scriptwriter and video director of both the instructor-led and eLearning versions of Trainevision’s flagship product, Customer Service Intelligence®.

Leigh learned the high quality, high stakes environment of Fortune 500 video production as a producer/director and editor at the $400 million full-service performance improvement leader, BI Worldwide. There, he negotiated and managed over $2.5 million in new media business. Leigh’s worked with influential and exacting clients from the largest companies in the world. His award-winning productions were part of more than $35 million in performance improvement and training programs BI Worldwide designed for its clients. He produced and directed projects for Abbott Labs, Microsoft, Roche, Lilly, Sprint, AT&T, Sun Microsystems, OfficeMax, Volvo, Nestle, Sherwin Williams and others.

In 2004 Leigh founded Bright Tomorrow Productions, a creative video production boutique serving clients like ExxonMobil, GM, HP, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, Coca Cola, Toyota, Gap, and Banana Republic, just to name a few. He’s worked in the training industry for many years as an instructional designer and video producer for the corporate training leader, Learning Tree International.

Leigh is also a television promo producer who’s written on-air promos for FX Networks and Warner Bros. He wrote, THE UNFIT, a feature film script, SMALL STEPS, a television comedy pilot, numerous reality show treatments and co-created THE STREET TYCOON, a board game. And in his downtime, he’s also the creator and host of The Learning Show, the “late night” style internet talk show focused on the training industry.


VP of Product Development, and Co-Founder

Marguerite brings a combined 10 years of award-winning video production experience and 20 years of global project management and localization skills for large companies across all verticals. “Localization involves taking a product i.e. media, game, website, software, and making it linguistically and culturally appropriate to the target locale (country/region and language) where it will be used and sold.

She’s bilingual (English/French) and worked a translator for many years before advancing to Director of Production at US localization companies. She took her love of language and the entertainment industry and garnered the skills necessary to localize content and media in order to help tech and entertainment companies participate in the shift to the global marketplace. These skills will come in quite handy when Trainevision is ready to penetrate the global learning markets.

Of late, much of her work has been focused on complex productions with large crews, big footprints and a host of actors.

She holds a PMP certification from the Project Management Institute, and an IT Project certification from CompTIA. She’s also the producer behind Trainevision’s award-winning customer service course, Customer Service Intelligence® and the Executive Producer guiding the development and production of Trainevision’s upcoming releases.


VP of Business Development

Kathleen’s experience is grounded in strategic planning, business-to-business sales and marketing, and human resource development. She has worked in a wide range of start-up environments in various arenas including non-profit, small business, corporate, and government with over 20 years of professional experience at organizations like Families In Schools, Tech Ed Services, Los Angeles Unified School District, and AT&T, Inc. Business Division leading and creating projects, including training programs, to enhance organization culture and improve outcomes.

Prior to joining Trainevision, she founded KGM Resources, a Los Angeles based business-consulting firm that specialized in various aspects of business development. At Families In Schools, Kathleen produced and raised funds for a countywide family book fair, which over three years grew from several thousand to over 35,000 attendees, and built a new department focused on K-12 staff development. At AT&T, Inc., she oversaw the sale of a multi-million dollar communication system to the Xerox Corporation, was a key team member in the development of a new sales channel within the company, and earned a Quality Award for membership in a Quality Improvement Team that won the national award that year.


VP of Creative

Bill “The Wizard” Lae is an award-winning writer/director, visual effects artist, image creator, graphic designer, and cinematographer. He’s also the visual effects artist behind the look of the award-winning customer service course, Customer Service Intelligence.

Bill’s worked his effects magic on The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Showtime’s The Outer Limits and others. His design work appears in music videos, including Michael Jackson and Madonna, on-air promotions and network I.D.s. Bill was the designer and digital artist for on-air graphic design for NBC, ABC, Fox Family, ABC Family, CBS, MTV, FOX and TNT. Past clients include British Airways, David Copperfield, Michael Jackson, Beyonce and many others. Projects include: feature film (Frequency), music videos (Sound Garden, Rod Stewart); television (“Home Improvement,” “The Chris Rock Show,” “Nova,” “The Academy Awards”, “Barbara Walters Special,” “Miss America,” the “Grammys” and the opening of the Super Bowl XXXIII).

Bill produced, directed and wrote the critically acclaimed, award-winning feature film SuperGuy: Behind the Cape, a 70-minute mockumentary about the not-so-perfect, behind-the-scenes-life of a real super hero.

Bill produced, wrote and directed the Couch Critics, a pilot for a television series that analyzes and criticizes films in a comedic “At the Movies meets Saturday Night Live” environment. Outside the realm of production, Bill is a stand-up comedian and has performed at the World Famous Improv in Hollywood. He brings this amazing wealth of entertainment expertise to Trainevision as VP of Creative.




Television Studio Dynamics

Think of Trainevision as you would a television production studio. We scale up during learning show production and we pare down to our lean mean core in between. It’s a fluid dance of ebb and flow; powered by the dedication, loyalty and modular precision of a spectacular team of award-winning individuals we couldn’t do without. This tight band of long-term freelancers, consultants, and partners are who make us who we are today, and who we will become in the years ahead. There is nothing on these web pages that they haven’t pondered, touched, and ultimately improved. From Creative, Instructional Design and Marketing, to HR, Financial and Legal; all the way through Production and Post-production, we would not be here, doing what we’re doing without these amazing individuals. Please rise and recognize the true stars of this show!

    The “video” part of our training business comes naturally because we already have an award-winning production company called Bright Tomorrow Productions.
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